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Should we determine that your foot condition requires surgery, both Drs. Christopher and Allison Menke are prepared for your surgical needs. With privledges at multiple hospitals throughout the city including Dekalb Medical, Piedmont Hospital, The McDonnell Surgical Center at Piedmont, and affiliated with the Georgia Ambulatory Surgery Center, the premier ambulatory surgical center for foot and ankle surgery in Atlanta, our goal is to give the best surgical experience possible. We are prepared to render surgical treatment including foot and ankle arthroscopy, foot and ankle reconstructive procedures, trauma including fracture tendon repair, laser surgery, shock wave therapy (non-surgical), and endoscopic procedures (minimally invasive). Click on the links below for more information on various surgical procedures for the foot and ankle.




My experience with Georgia Ambulatory Surgery Center has been nothing but the best. Dr. Menke and staff are friendly, courteous and efficient. The Surgery Center staff put me at ease, let me know exactly what was going to happen during and after the surgery.  I knew I was in good hands.  Overall it was an excellent experience.

 - Patricia N




After surgery, compliance with post-operative instructions and following the advice of your physician will play a vital role in the overall recovery and success of your surgery. Surgery of the foot and ankle has very common post-operative characteristics that are inherit to surgery in general such as pain, swelling, bruising and color changes, and initial loss of strength or weakness. Unique to foot and ankle surgery include the inability to put any weight on the foot after some procedures. This can have a significant impact on your activities of daily living such as bathing, altering your ability to wear certain clothes and shoe gear, may affect your ability to drive, and will most certainly have an effect your ability to move around. Following the specific instructions from your doctor can help to limit these adjustments to a minimum.