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Pain In The Ball of Your Foot!

Have you slowly developed pain in the ball of your foot, particularly underneath your second toe joint? No significant history of injury or changes in your daily activities? Does the pain remain persistent and only seams to get worse by the days end? If this sounds like something that you have been suffering from, you may need to be evaluated by your local podiatrist. 

Many times individuals who experience pain and swelling around their second toe joint and particularly on the bottom of the foot, have developed a tear in the ligaments of the (metatarsal phalangeal) joint. If the injury is not treated appropriately, the tear can develop into a full blown rupture. Most commonly this injury is a result of overuse from daily activities when the ligaments of the joint are put under excessive stress. This commonly occurs when, based on genetics, an individual gradually develops a hammertoe to the second toe. The development of a hammertoe over time puts excess stress on the ligaments of the toe that are important for keeping the toe in a neutral / straight position. Eventually, if the hammertoe becomes severe enough, the ligaments of the toe weaken and can become problematic. 

This injury can be very painful and debilitating, however, there are options. Shoe modifications, anti-inflammatories, cortisone injections, and orthotics are a good start from a conservative standpoint. If this does not work, an out-patient surgery can be performed to repair the ruptured ligament along with straightening the hammertoe. You can read more about the hammertoe surgery here. If you are suffering from pain in the ball of your foot, call today to find out more about your options.

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    Pain In The Ball of Your Foot! - Blog - Atlanta Podiatrist | Snellville Podiatrist | Decatur Podiatrist |

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